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Food is my favorite topic. Fact.

I call it a passion. My friends and family say I'm obsessed.

Whatever you call it, it’s clear who is responsible: my Dad, he’s a chef.

Good food was a core part of our family life. As soon as we could chew, my sister and I ate the same meals as our parents. I am sure this is why neither of us is fussy. Trying new things was encouraged, but never enforced. It was interesting and exciting.

I got into cooking young too; I liked baking as a kid and helping out with dinner. By 10 I was experimenting on my own and as a teenager I worked as a kitchen hand in my Dad’s restaurant. Growing up in Sydney, Australia, one of the world’s most multicultural cities, I also learnt to appreciate and understand food from different cultures.

I now live in the UK. British food still has a bad reputation overseas – grey meat, overcooked vegetables and stodge. This may have been true for much of the 20th century but times have changed. Since the 1980s and 1990s, increased public interest in food has seen the restaurant scene transform, particularly in London. There has also been a renewed focus on local and seasonal produce amongst those who value quality or who are concerned with ethical issues, such as sustainability.

When I started this blog in July 2010 I hoped that it would provide another avenue to explore my passion. It has; it turns out that as well as cooking and eating food, I love writing about it too. 

It was this that inspired me to do a Masters in the Anthropology of Food. *Cue bemused expression*. I can’t possibly explain food anthropology in a sentence here, but I have done my best at explaining it in this post. The course was truly fascinating and covered so much more than I ever anticipated.

The focus of this blog is the food I am cooking and the food I am eating. I share my own recipes, my experiments with other people’s and my experiences of dining out in London and on my travels. In 2014 I also added a page on food anthropology to share some of my readings and musings from the Masters.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. To get you started, here are some posts which have received good feedback from some of my regular readers:

Updated March 2017