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"To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day."

Somerset Maugham

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Geoff Dyer on cappuccinos

"I remain loyal to the good old cappuccino with its tried-and-tested formula of thwarted hope and dreadful disappointment."

Geoff Dyer


C.R. Fay on tea

"Tea, which refreshes and quietens, is the natural beverage of a taciturn people, and being easy to prepare, it came as a godsend to the world's worst cooks." 

C.R. Fay, described by Sidney Mintz as "a sometimes mordant commentator on English social history".

Quoted in Mintz, S. (1985) Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History. London: Penguin. p. 118


Goodman and Redclift on Food, Ecology and Culture

"Contemporary interest in food is not confined to pleasure in its consumption, but extends in every direction: to its economic importance, the semiotics of food taste, the dangers of food additives and the politics of food security. We live in societies as dominated by food preferences as by sexual preferences, as obsessed about eating too little as eating too much. In addition our interest in food is associated, for good and evil, with our interest in 'nature'. As we begin to become aware that we are in a position to destroy our environment, for the first and last time, 'nature' has become imbued with so many virtues that the term 'natural' no longer confers unambiguous meaning. Nature commands attention, and the 'natural' has an ideological force, which takes us to the heart of the paradox of development itself." 

Goodman, D. and Redclift, M. 1991. Refashioning Nature: Food, Ecology and Culture. Routledge: London. p. xi


Claudia Roden on her discovery of Spanish food

"The way people cook in Spain, the ingredients they put together, their little tricks, their turns of hand, are mysteriously familiar. A word, a taste, a smell trigger memories I never knew I had. It is surprising how dishes can appeal directly to the emotions. With food, as with music, you can touch people and make them cry."

Roden, C. 2012. The Food of Spain. Penguin: London.


Dun-CAN on oysters

"Eating an oyster for the first time was like sucking on Neptune's cock."

Dun-CAN, Ultimate Man